Homes For Sale in Arlington, WA

If you want to buy a house in a comfortable and peaceful residential area, Arlington, Washington may just be the place for you.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying A Home In Arlington WA

Are you on the lookout for homes for sale in Arlington, WA? If yes, then you’re in the right place at the right time! A city with a rural feel to it, Arlington is  nestled in the heart of Snohomish County, and offers a charming and welcoming community for homebuyers.

This picturesque city is famous for its community events, an abundance of ranches and farms which contribute to its natural beauty, seasonal farmer’s markets, friendly neighborhoods, and an abundance of local attractions. With a population of approximately 20,070 residents, Arlington boasts a small-town atmosphere while still providing convenient access to major metropolitan areas like Seattle.

The neighborhood features in Arlington include tree-lined streets, popular parks like Terrace Park, Twin Rivers Park, and Haller Park, and a variety of housing options to suit different preferences and budgets. So, if you’re looking for a cozy single-family home for you and your family, or a spacious modern townhouse just for you, then Arlington is the place to look.

Arlington offers a wealth of local attractions, including outdoor recreational activities like hiking and fishing (if you love the outdoor life), charming downtown shops and restaurants, and an annual Strawberry Festival that draws visitors from near and far.

If you’re searching for a place that combines natural beauty, friendly communities, and a vibrant local scene, you can explore the homes for sale in Arlington, WA.

Homes For Sale in Arlington, WA

Arlington, WA, is an ideal location for families thanks to the city’s excellent schools that serve different grade levels. Arlington boast an impressive 94% high school graduation rate–which is higher than the Washington state average of 84%. (culled from

But it’s not just about the numbers with Arlington schools. The Arlington School District is highly regarded for its dedicated teachers and a wide range of academic and extracurricular programs to support student’s growth and development in and out of the classroom.

Away from the schools, Arlington provides ample amenities that cater to residents’ and even visitors’ needs. From grocery stores and shopping centers to recreational facilities like the Centennial Trail, the Jordan Bridge and sports complexes, you have a variety of options for your favorite leisure activities.

With transportation, Arlington benefits from its proximity to major highways and interstates, providing easy access to neighboring cities and employment centers. Commuters can also take advantage of public transportation services, including buses and nearby train stations, ensuring a smooth commute for those working or studying outside the city.

With its excellent schools, convenient amenities, and accessible transportation options, Arlington, WA, truly offers a well-rounded living experience for its residents.

Featured Listings

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Single Family Home


2,165 Sq Ft.  •  4 Beds  •  3.5 Baths

124 N Stillaguamish Ave, Arlington, WA

Single Family Home


2,358 Sq Ft.  •  3 Beds  •  2 Baths

434 Alcazar St, Arlington, WA 98223

Single Family Home


1,451 Sq Ft.  •  2 Beds  • 2 Baths

910 Medical Center, Arlington, WA  98223

Single Family Home


2,182 Sq Ft.  •  4 Beds  •  2.5 Baths

4607 189th St NE, Arlington, WA 98223

Single Family Home


1,817 Sq Ft.  • 4 Beds  •  3 Baths

4613 195th St NE, Arlington, WA 98223

Single Family Home


3,258 Sq Ft.  •  4 Beds  •  2 Baths

12202 Burn Rd, Arlington, WA 98223

Single Family Home


1,816 Sq Ft.  • 3 Beds  •  2 Baths

19303 84th Ave NE, Arlington, WA 98223

Single Family Home


1,688 Sq Ft.  • 4 Beds  • 2.5 Baths

25823 46th Ave NE, Arlington, WA 98223

Benefits of Living in Arlington WA

Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, the city boasts a hometown feel which is uncommon in today’s world and is in close proximity to Seattle and other major cities. Just about an hour’s drive away (Seattle is 49 miles from Arlington by car), you can can easily access the vibrant cultural scene, diverse culinary offerings, and employment opportunities that Seattle has to offer.

Arlington boasts an interesting blend of natural wonders like Outback Kangaroo Farm, and hiking trails like the Centennial Trail, Whitehorse Trail,  and Boulder River Trail, to name a few. And if you’re not really one for trails, then you will enjoy the charming downtown areas filled with boutique shops and restaurants.

Arlington has a strong sense of community and a family-friendly environment that makes it an ideal place to raise children, create lifelong memories, and lasting connections. The job market and economy thrive here, with a wide range of industries flourishing and offering ample employment opportunities.

The city is home to top companies in the aerospace industry like Glasair Aviation, there is also a presence of a high concentration of Boeing subtractors. The designation of the Cascade Industrial Center by the Puget Sound Regional Council in 2019 also improved the number of jobs in the region. So it doesn’t matter what industry you work in (tech, healthcare, aviation) or if you’re an entrepreneur, Arlington is a fertile ground for professional growth and economic stability.

In addition to its proximity to Seattle and other cities, this city boasts a plethora of local attractions and amenities that contribute to its appeal. Residents and visitors alike can immerse themselves in the rich arts and cultural scene, with art galleries, museums, and theaters showcasing a diverse range of talent.

The city is also known for its vibrant festivals and events throughout the year, bringing the community together and fostering a strong sense of camaraderie. Families can take advantage of the numerous parks, playgrounds, and recreational facilities, ensuring that there are always opportunities for outdoor fun and relaxation.

The city’s commitment to providing top-notch schools, safe neighborhoods, and a supportive community network further enhances its reputation as a welcoming and family-oriented place.

With a thriving job market and a robust economy, this city offers a balanced lifestyle, combining career opportunities with a high quality of life and a tight-knit community spirit.

Features of Living in Arlington WA

Arlington, WA offers a wonderful quality of life with its array of attractive features. The community is known for its warm and friendly atmosphere, where residents often form close-knit connections. Safety is a top priority, with low crime rates and a proactive local police force, creating a secure environment for families and individuals.

Job opportunities in Arlington are abundant, especially in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, and retail. The city’s strategic location within commuting distance of major employment hubs like Seattle and Everett opens up additional job prospects for residents. Moreover, the presence of industrial parks and commercial zones contributes to a thriving local economy.

Outdoor enthusiasts will find endless opportunities for adventure in Arlington. The city is surrounded by picturesque landscapes, including the stunning Cascade Mountains and scenic rivers. Residents can enjoy hiking, fishing, camping, and other outdoor activities throughout the year. Nearby national parks and state forests provide ample opportunities for exploration and relaxation in nature’s embrace.

Cultural attractions in Arlington add vibrancy and diversity to the community. The city hosts various events, festivals, and local celebrations that showcase the rich heritage and talents of its residents. Cultural and arts organizations contribute to a flourishing arts scene, providing opportunities for residents to engage with theater, music, and visual arts.

Access to services and shopping is convenient in Arlington. The city offers a range of healthcare facilities, schools, and essential amenities to cater to the needs of its residents. Shopping options are plentiful, with a mix of local businesses, national chains, and shopping centers, ensuring that residents have easy access to a wide variety of goods and services.

Arlington also presents investment potential. The city’s growing population and thriving economy make it an attractive location for businesses and investors. With a focus on sustainable growth, there are opportunities for commercial and residential development, making it an appealing destination for those seeking long-term investments.

In conclusion, living in Arlington, WA offers a high quality of life with its welcoming community, safety, and numerous job opportunities. The abundance of outdoor activities and cultural attractions cater to various interests, while access to essential services and shopping enhances convenience. Additionally, the city’s investment potential makes it an attractive option for individuals and businesses looking for growth and prosperity.

Financing Options in Arlington WA

In Arlington, WA, residents have access to various financing options to support their homeownership goals. Mortgage rates in the area are determined by market conditions and can fluctuate over time. It is advisable for potential buyers to research and consult with local lenders to obtain the most up-to-date information on current mortgage rates.

Payment plans offered by financial institutions and lenders provide flexibility for homeowners to structure their mortgage payments. These plans may include options such as fixed-rate mortgages, adjustable-rate mortgages, or specialized loan programs tailored to specific needs. Prospective buyers should explore different payment plans to find one that aligns with their financial situation and long-term goals.

Down payment assistance programs can help individuals and families overcome the financial hurdle of a large down payment. These programs provide funds or loans to eligible buyers, allowing them to secure a mortgage with a lower initial investment. Down payment assistance programs vary in their eligibility criteria, so it is important for potential buyers to research and identify programs that they may qualify for.

Tax incentives can be advantageous for homeowners in Arlington. These incentives can include deductions for mortgage interest, property taxes, and certain home improvements. Buyers should consult with a tax professional or review local tax regulations to understand the specific incentives available in the area.

Grants are another form of financial assistance that can benefit homebuyers in Arlington. Grants are typically offered by government agencies or non-profit organizations and do not need to be repaid. These grants can help cover down payment costs, closing costs, or other expenses associated with purchasing a home. Researching and contacting local organizations or agencies that provide housing grants is a recommended step for potential buyers.

It is important for individuals considering homeownership in Arlington to explore all available financing options, mortgage rates, payment plans, down payment assistance programs, tax incentives, and grants. Engaging with local lenders, real estate professionals, and housing organizations can provide valuable guidance and information to help make informed decisions and maximize the financial benefits of purchasing a home in Arlington, WA.

How to Buy a New Home in Arlington WA

The homebuying process in Arlington, WA follows a series of steps that are important to understand for a successful purchase. First, it is crucial to determine your budget and obtain pre-approval for a mortgage from a lender. This will help you understand your affordability and narrow down your home search.

For first-time homebuyers, it’s essential to educate yourself about the process. Research the local real estate market, understand the costs involved, and work with a real estate agent who specializes in helping first-time buyers. They can guide you through the process, explain terminology, and provide valuable insights.

Once you find a home you want to purchase, you’ll enter the closing process. This involves completing a purchase agreement, conducting inspections, and securing financing. It is important to review all documents carefully, seek legal advice if needed, and ensure that all contingencies are met.

During the closing process, you’ll also need to arrange for a home inspection and appraisal. A professional home inspector will assess the property’s condition, identifying any potential issues. An appraisal determines the market value of the home, ensuring that the purchase price aligns with its worth.

Working with a reputable real estate agent or broker is highly recommended. They have in-depth knowledge of the local market, can help you find suitable properties, negotiate on your behalf, and ensure a smooth transaction. Their expertise and guidance can make the home buying process much easier and less stressful.

As you approach the closing date, it’s essential to make the necessary arrangements for your move. This includes hiring movers, organizing utilities, notifying relevant parties of your change of address, and packing efficiently. Planning ahead and staying organized will help minimize stress during the moving process.

Finally, it’s important to consider legal aspects when buying a new home. Consult with a real estate attorney who can review contracts, provide legal advice, and ensure that all necessary legal procedures are followed.

Overall, buying a new home in Arlington, WA involves careful planning, thorough research, and professional assistance. Understanding the home buying process, working with experienced professionals, and considering legal aspects will help you navigate the journey successfully and secure your dream home.


Got questions? Here are answers to the most popular questions potential homebuyers in Arlington ask. If you have any concerns not addressed here, you can contact us and we’ll be here for you. Thank You!

What is the process of buying a home in Arlington, WA?

The process of buying a home in Arlington, WA involves several key steps. Firstly, determine your budget and obtain pre-approval for a mortgage. Next, research the local real estate market and work with a real estate agent specializing in first-time buyers. Find a suitable property and enter the closing process, which includes completing a purchase agreement, conducting inspections, and securing financing.

Arrange for a home inspection and appraisal to assess the property’s condition and value. Work closely with a trusted real estate agent or broker to navigate the process, negotiate, and ensure a smooth transaction. Make necessary arrangements for your move, including hiring movers and organizing utilities. Finally, consider legal aspects by consulting with a real estate attorney to review contracts and ensure compliance with legal procedures.

How does the cost of living in Arlington, WA compare to other cities in the state?

The cost of living in Arlington, WA is generally comparable to other cities in the state. While specific costs can vary, Arlington’s overall cost of living, including housing, transportation, groceries, and healthcare, falls within the range of other cities in Washington. Factors such as housing prices, property taxes, and local economic conditions can influence the cost of living in any given area. It is advisable to research and compare specific cost factors between Arlington and other cities of interest to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the relative affordability.

What are the transportation options in and around Arlington?

Certainly! Here’s a summary of transportation options in and around Arlington:

  1. Metro: The Metrorail system operates in Arlington, with the Blue, Orange, and Silver lines serving the county.

  2. Bus: Arlington Transit (ART) operates bus routes within the county and connects with neighboring areas.

  3. Bike Share: Capital Bikeshare provides bike-sharing services for short trips.

  4. Taxis and Ridesharing: Traditional taxis, as well as Uber and Lyft, are available for convenient transportation.

  5. Walking: Arlington is pedestrian-friendly, with well-maintained sidewalks and pathways.

  6. Personal Vehicles: You can use your own car or rent one for transportation, with parking options available.

Arlington also has good airport connections with Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) and Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD).

What are some popular neighborhoods in Arlington, WA for homes for sale?

Arlington, WA offers several popular neighborhoods with homes for sale. Some of these neighborhoods include:

  1. Gleneagle: Known for its golf course and well-maintained homes, Gleneagle offers a suburban setting with a range of housing options, including single-family homes and townhouses.
  2. Arlington Heights: Situated on a hill, Arlington Heights offers stunning views of the surrounding area. The neighborhood features larger lots and custom-built homes, often with spacious yards.
  3. Smokey Point: Smokey Point is a bustling neighborhood known for its commercial centers and convenient access to amenities. It offers a mix of residential properties, including single-family homes, townhomes, and apartments.
  4. . Old Town Arlington: This charming neighborhood is located in the heart of Arlington and showcases historic homes and a vibrant downtown area. It provides a mix of residential and commercial properties, with easy access to local shops and restaurants.
  5. Crown Ridge: Crown Ridge is a newer development with a range of modern homes and well-planned streets. The neighborhood offers a family-friendly atmosphere and is often sought after for its newer construction options.

      It’s important to note that popularity can vary based on individual preferences and market conditions. Consulting with a local real estate agent or exploring online listings can provide more detailed and up-to-date information on popular neighborhoods and available homes for sale in Arlington, WA.

    Are there any new home developments in Arlington, WA?

    Yes, there are new home developments in Arlington, WA. The city has seen ongoing growth and development, leading to the creation of new residential communities. These developments often offer a mix of housing options, including single-family homes, townhouses, and sometimes apartment complexes. Some new home developments in Arlington may also include amenities such as parks, community centers, and walking trails to enhance the quality of life for residents. To get the most up-to-date information on specific new home developments in Arlington, it is recommended to consult with local real estate agents, builders, or visit real estate websites that specialize in new construction. They can provide details on the latest developments and available homes in the area.