Before you get to the nitty-gritty of cost, it’s important to start having a more general conversation:

What do I like?

What is a dealbreaker?

How much of a renovation am I willing to tolerate?

This will help narrow down your search [and make sure you and your partner are on the same page] as you enter the process.

I hope you’ll contact me to help you make it possible.

Zach Oliver

Founder, Great Front Door

Does it seem impossible to buy a home?

Don’t worry! There’s hope 🙏🏼

You need a team who’s going to fight for you 💪🏼 and a winning strategy that has been proven to win in multiple offers situations.

Working with inexperienced loan officers or agents is going to cost you! Not just in time 🕰 and money 💰but also in the emotional trauma losing out on homes that you could have won if you had these two licensed parties working together to advocate to the seller / listing agent on your behalf.

On top of that, we go further! Our support after the close is unmatched by anyone out there today. We’ll help you coordinate for renovations 🔨 to be performed right after you move or we’ll throw you a housewarming party 🥳 to help the home feel like it’s yours. Connect with me anytime!

Zach Oliver

Founder, Great Front Door

When is it the best time to buy?

🍁In the fall, you can see how much maintenance you’ll have if you bought the home. ❄️In the winter, you can see if there are water or insulation issues.
less competing offers since most need the cash for the holiday season. 🥵Buyers have been burned out from the crazy summer bidding wars. 🥶You can quickly tell if you’re property is going to get enough sun

I found my home in December of last year and we bought it in January. What a great way to kick off the new year!🍾

And a bonus, even after 7️⃣ competing offers and we bought it for $120k over asking, the appraisal came in and we immediately gained $30k in equity on day one☝🏼

Connect with us and we can help you do the same!

Zach Oliver

Founder, Great Front Door

How can you figure out whether buying a home is right for you?

Here are a few considerations:
🚨 Do you have an emergency fund?
💰 Do you have money saved for a down payment?
(We can help you with as little of 3.5% down)
🛠 Do you have extra saved for renovations?
(You may have to buy a fixer-upper in tough markets)

If you need help determining a plan to make the above possible or improve your credit score, there are free financial advisors, licensed in your state, at most local banks and credit unions.

They are the licensed parties who can help you make the financial moves you need to find a great home. This is a FREE service because these institutions benefit from you saving their money with them which they lend out, earn money, and pay you in the form of interest. You don’t have to say yes to their offers so simply consult with them and you can ensure your plan is solid

Zach Oliver

Founder, Great Front Door

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